Maher: Trump’s ‘Way Out’ of Russia Controversy Is ‘War’ Because Then You Can Cast Skeptics as Traitors

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher stated, “the Russia thing is not going to go away, and for Donald Trump, the way out of this is war.”

Maher said, “[I]t seems to be that the Russia thing is not going to go away, and for Donald Trump, the way out of this is war. Because I saw him this week playing military dress up. he was out there on the aircraft carrier, he seemed to love it. I don’t think he’d ever been on an aircraft carrier, and he was like wow, this is big, you can land a plane on this thing. He said ‘We have to win. We have to start winning wars again.’ Well, first of all, I would say, how about not being in wars?”

Maher added, “[O]nce you’re at war, you know what, then all the questions become, the traitors asking, we are at war, our boys are in the field. Is anyone else worried that he’s itching for a war?”

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid answered, “I am.” She further stated Trump is “doing a massive military buildup. He’s cosplaying as a pretend sort of soldier, and he seems to be spoiling for some kind of a fight. They put him Iran notice before Mike Flynn got pushed out.”

After the discussion got into military spending as a whole, radio host and Right Wisconsin Editor Charlie Sykes stated, “[D]uring the primary, I thought, look, here’s a guy, he’s a serial liar. He’s a con man who makes fun of the disabled and women. He’s a bully. He’s a narcissist, a man with no fixed principles, who, quite frankly, has the emotional maturity of a 9-year-old. And so I don’t want to give him the nuclear codes. I don’t want to put him in charge of the IRS. I don’t want to put him in [charge of]the FBI, and the fact that now he’s talking about which wars we’re going to win, I think ought to alarm people across the political spectrum.”

Reid added, “Well, and the other issue is that Donald Trump, because he has no fixed ideology, he is surrounded by people with a very fixed ideology, people like Steve Bannon, believe in — Sebastian Gorka, and this whole crew from Breitbart, believe that we’re already in an existential war with all of Islam. … They actually want a massive global war against every Muslim on the planet.”

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