Buchanan: ‘Fatal’ for Trump Presidency If He Abandons Economic Nationalism for ‘Goldman Sachs Route,’ Globalists


Monday on her nationally syndicated radio show, conservative commentator Pat Buchanan warned that President Donald Trump should not abandon his populist economic message that was a big part of his 2016 campaign. If he did so for the “globalists” or what he deemed the “old Goldman Sachs route,” Buchanan said it would be “fatal” for his presidency.

Partial transcript as follows (courtesy of LauraIngraham.com)

BUCHANAN: In the Trump Administration, you have the Goldman Sachs folks versus the Bannon/Miller opposition. Reince Priebus is moving towards the Bannon camp – he is working together with the populists; you need both agendas to win the day.

INGRAHAM: We have Bush loyalists in the Administration. How will this reflect the decision making moving forward?

BUCHANAN: If the agenda is going to be implemented, it will rely more heavily on Donald Trump who understands what got him here and what he believes himself. This is the way to restore the balance, and the president knows this – we have to rely on him to do it. If Trump decides to go the old Goldman Sachs route, the Globalists, the game is over and effort in vain. I am betting on Trump himself to get the agenda passed.

INGRAHAM: That’s the end of Trump. That’s the end of American nationalism, populism, all of it.

BUCHANAN: The Goldman Sachs people are interested in the globe; these are the Davos people. These are the folks that cost the Republican Party and cost the country and destroyed manufacturing. Trump has people in there that are economic nationalists, and that battle is underway, but if Trump abandons that nationalism, that would be fatal for the Trump presidency. These issues are going to come back again and again, because they came up from the people. I don’t think the American people and the folks who voted for him are going to go away.

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