Gingrich: Comey ‘Has Too Much Power to Be as Politically Clever as He Is’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “The First 100 Days,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich excoriated FBI Director James Comey for his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee earlier in the day.

Gingrich called Comey’s answers “pathetic” and asked why he was able to verify an investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia and not one about leaks to the media from within the intelligence community.

“What he said was, ‘I’m allowed to tell you there’s an ongoing investigation about the Russians and the Trump campaign. I’m not allowed to tell you about any investigations involving Americans who are committing felonies with up to 10 years in jail leaking secret information,'” Gingrich said. “Now how come he could tell us the one but not tell us the other. I mean it makes no sense.”

“I find the performance by the FBI director very, very disappointing and frankly a little alarming,” he continued. “He has too much power to be as politically clever as he is.”

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