Sam Stein: ‘Can I Just Apologize on Behalf of My Gender’ For Remarks by GOP Sen Roberts on Mammograms?

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Huffington Post Senior Politics Editor and MSNBC Contributor Sam Stein apologized on behalf of his gender for remarks made by Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS).

After host Andrea Mitchell referenced Roberts’ apology for commenting on Essential Health Benefits by sarcastically remarking that he “wouldn’t want to lose my mammograms.” Stein stated, while smiling and laughing, “[C]an I just apologize on behalf of my gender? Those were highly insensitive remarks.”

Mitchell laughed and told Stein he wasn’t responsible for his gender. Stein then said, “I feel some responsibility here. For starters, men do get mammograms. men do suffer from breast cancer.” Mitchell then thanked him for making this point. Stein continued, “And it might be breaking news to some, but we’re all products of women, and women’s health matters not just to women, but to men, and so there is a logical rationale for requiring insurance companies to cover things like mammograms and maternity care. And of course, there’s an insurance rationale, which is, if you don’t force health insurers to cover these things, they end up raising the prices of premiums for people who do need them. So, there’s a whole bit here, and obviously, Senator Roberts had to backtrack on that, for obvious reasons, it’s politically a dumb thing to say, but also, it shows a lack of understanding about the actual policy here.”

At the end of the segment, Mitchell laughed and told Stein she doesn’t hold him responsible for his gender. Stein smiled and said it was okay if she didn’t, but he “felt the need to apologize.” Mitchell then joked that Stein’s mother may have called, which drew a laugh from Stein and an answer that she may have called.

(h/t Daily Caller)

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