Dem Rep Castro: ‘If I Was Betting, I Would Say’ Some Trump Associates ‘End Up In Jail’ Over Russia Probe

On Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Situation Room,” Representative Joaquin Castro (D-TX), a member of the House Intelligence Committee stated of the investigation into possible collusion between the Trump team and Russia, “I wouldn’t be surprised, after all of this is said and done, that some people end up in jail.” And that if he was betting, he would say that some Trump associates end up in jail.

Castro said, “Wolf, what we keep seeing is this pattern with the Trump administration, where they’ve not been honest or forthright about the deep connections that many on the Trump team have to Russia, Russian agents, Russian businesspersons. And this [a secret meeting between a top Trump donor and someone close to Putin] is just one more tail that’s coming to light, if the reports are to be believed. We haven’t been briefed on them in the committee, but if the reports are accurate, it is one more tale and one more deep connection between the Trump team and Russia.”

He added, “Well, when you look at the totality of the facts, it’s clear that Russia achieved a deep infiltration of the Trump team, and a deep infiltration of the United States government. And those are the things that we need to uncover, those connections.”

Castro was later asked if he had seen “any hard evidence” of collusion. He answered, “I guess I would say this, that my impression is, I wouldn’t be surprised, after all of this is said and done, that some people end up in jail.”

When asked how high his suspicion went, Castro said this was “yet to be determined.”

Castro further said it was his impression that multiple people would end up in jail, but that he couldn’t elaborate further.

When asked if he was “confident that at least some Trump associates will wind up in jail?” Castro answered, “If I was betting, I would say yes.”

Castro concluded that he couldn’t comment on exactly who he thought would go to jail, but that his “impression is that people will probably be charged, and I think people will probably go to jail.”

When asked if he thought he has seen sufficient evidence to justify jailing someone, Castro responded, “If the claims hold up, most likely.”

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