Judge Jeanine on Syria Strike: Trump ‘Demonstrated Swift, Certain and Decisive Leadership Absent for so Long in America’

Fox News Channel host Jeanine Pirro praised President Donald Trump for the Syria strike Saturday in her opening statement on Fox News Channel’s “Justice.”

Pirro said Trump’s “swift, certain and decisive leadership” is something that has been missing for a long time in the United States.

“When President Donald Trump ordered a targeted strike on that military base in Syria, he demonstrated swift, certain and decisive leadership absent for so long in America,” Judge Jeanine began.

She continued, “His clarity, determination and compassion for the most weak among us without the accustomed indifference, whimpering, dithering, vacillating moral equivalency of the other guy reflects not only his courage, strength and honor, but finally the resurgence and the reawakening of America the great. This is what we voted for.”

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