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Ann Coulter: Lassie, Come Home

War is like crack for presidents. It confers instant gravitas, catapulting them to respectability, bypassing all station stops. They get to make macho pronouncements on a topic where every utterance is seen as august.

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UK Air Strikes in Syria Have Killed or Injured Just 7 Jihadis

British air strikes in Syria have killed or injured just seven Islamic State fighters since they began in December. Estimates released by the Ministry of Defence show that by the end of January just four strikes by the Royal Air


Russia Calling the Shots as Nations Lock Down Syria Plan

WASHINGTON (AP) — As the United States and world powers gather again in a bid to end Syria’s civil war, Russia appears to be calling the shots. Nations meeting Friday in New York and the UN will essentially be negotiating

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Muslim Convert Told Female MP He Would ‘Drop A Bomb’ On Her House

A Muslim convert has pleaded guilty to posting threatening comments to a Conservative politician who voted in favour of air strikes against Islamic State in Syria. Muhammad Muhajid Islam, whose birth name is Craig Wallace, appeared at Hendon Magistrates Court

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British Bombers Hit Oil Field Targets In Syria For Second Time

British bombers made their second round of strikes on Islamic State targets in Syria late on Friday, again hitting oil fields, British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said on Saturday. “Last night we saw the Typhoons in action for the first

Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Super Hornets-Iraq

Syria/Iraq: Who Is Fighting Islamic State Jihadists?

London (AFP) – Here is a breakdown of the main forces fighting Islamic State jihadists in Iraq and Syria, after British lawmakers on Wednesday voted to join the US-led bombing campaign in Syria: – Syrian and Iraqi armies – –


Britain Poised To Join Syria Bombing With Vote

Britain’s parliament looks set to vote in favour of joining the bombing campaign against Islamic State (IS) in Syria on Wednesday, paving the way for sorties by its planes to start within days. Prime Minister David Cameron, who stepped up


PICTURES: Anti-War Demonstrators Gather Outside British Parliament

Anti-war protesters gathered outside Parliament and Labour Party headquarters this evening as the House of Commons prepares to debate whether Britain should launch airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria. Protesters filled Parliament Square beneath Big Ben, waving banners and chanting

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Cameron Says Government Unanimous On Syria Strikes

British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Tuesday his government had unanimously agreed a motion on air strikes against militants in Syria, portraying the ruling party as united on an issue that has split the Labour opposition. Cameron wants to

David Cameron Visits General Dynamics

UK Defence Secretary Says Parliament’s Syria Vote Uncertain

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain is not certain to hold a parliamentary vote on taking military action against Islamic State forces in Syria, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said, as it would become “difficult” if opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn orders his MPs


Poll Says Young Brits Don’t Want Military Action in Syria

Nearly 60 per cent of Britons want to see Western governments wage war against Islamic State in Syria – but that number drops to fewer than four in ten among 18-24 year olds. Of the 129 victims of the Paris

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Russia To Step Up Air Strikes In Syria

Russia will step up air strikes in Syria, escalating a military intervention which Moscow says is weakening Islamic State militants but which Western powers say aims to support President Bashar al-Assad. A senior Russian military officer said on Saturday Russian