Limbaugh: The World Was Spying on Trump During Campaign to Impress Hillary

Friday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh observed the statement made by Fox News contributor Andrew Napolitano in March claiming that a British intelligence agency spied on then-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump may turn out to be right.

Limbaugh cited a Guardian (UK) report from Thursday claiming the British had first come up with the Trump campaign’s tie to the Russian government, which he argued verified Napolitano’s claim.

He went on to add the British and other intelligence agencies were likely spying on Trump to win the favor of his opponent, then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Partial transcript as follows:

And it turns out, folks, I think it turns out here that good old Judge Napolitano was right. Remember when he said that it was a British spy agency that had been digging into Trump and collusion in Russia, and he goes on Fox and announces it, and everybody says, “You’re a nut, Judge. You just made it up. It isn’t true.” Fox suspends him for a while, he comes back. After his suspension he comes back and he keeps repeating it. And I’m saying, “What? Judge, what are you doing here? They just suspended you for this. And now you’re back.” And it turns out it looks like he was right.

“British Spies Were the First to Spot Trump Team’s Leaks with Russia.” And the very group that the judge cited is called GCHQ. That’s the British spy agency said to have alerted U.S. agencies after becoming aware of contacts in 2015. That’s in the U.K. Guardian. What has now been established, the world was spying on Donald Trump. Obama had seen to it after the Brits clued him in I guess is the timeline this story wants to advance. The world was spying on Trump. And even with all of that Hillary couldn’t win. Even with the establishment of the world aligned against Donald Trump and in support of Hillary Clinton, she couldn’t win.

Now, as best I have been able to determine — and I will explain all this as the program unfolds — all of the spying on Trump was not done to prevent him from winning because at the time it was happening nobody thought he would win. They were trying to impress Hillary for when she became president, to be able to say, “Look what we were able to do for you.” It was also something that could be used to further damage any other Republicans that ever wanted to run for president by saying, “Look what they do.” By linking Trump to virtually every Republican.

All this stuff happened — this makes it even more fascinating to me. That all of this intel gathering, all of this spying on Trump took place not to stop him, because they didn’t think he was gonna win. It was all done for other reasons. And among them, to set these people up to be looked upon favorably by Mrs. Clinton and her campaign and then her administration. They never once gave thought to the fact that Trump was going to win.

But the way it ends up here, we know that Obama released intel data gathered by domestic agencies to 16 other intel agencies, including many foreign countries around the world, making sure that whatever was dug up and learned about Trump — and that is another thing. They found nothing. The world was investigating Donald Trump and his collusion with Russia for over a year-and-a-half, and they found nothing.

Believe me, if they would have found it, we would have heard about it in late October when they started to get worried that the NBC tape didn’t take Trump out of the race. If they had found anything, we would have heard it by now. They got zilch, folks, zilch, zero, nada, and yet they won’t give it up.

(h/t Daily Rushbo)

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