Earnest: Democrats ‘Have No Clear Leader’

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” former White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest stated that the Democratic Party has “no clear leader.”

Earnest began by saying that the Congressional GOP is “fractured” and Democrats have won battles by sticking together. He further stated that it isn’t a winning strategy for Democrats to just opposing everything President Trump does.

When asked who is the leader of the Democratic Party is, Earnest answered, “[T]here is no one person who is leading the Democratic Party right now. That is the essence of a party that is in the minority.” And that Democrats are trying to figure out a path forward.

Earnest continued that the “good news” for Democrats is that “Democrats across the country are energized. Democrats across the country understand what we believe in, but we still have a lot have work to do.”

Earnest later argued, “The more that we have Democrats, again, engaging in this debate, and the more that we have leaders other are considering this kind of run [for president], the more time that they are spending talking to people…about what kind of vision they have for the country, what kind of agenda the Democrats should put forward in a national election, that’s only going to pay long-term dividends. But, Katy, again, I don’t — I’m not sitting here minimizing the significant challenge that faces Democratic Party all across the country. We have no clear leader. We’re in the minority in too many state houses across the country, let alone here Washington, DC. …  The good news is, is there is tremendous energy at the grassroots level. And, as long as Democratic leaders stay in tune with that energy, and succeed in channeling that in a positive direction, I think the future for the Democratic Party is bright, but there is — that’s not going to come without a whole lot of work.”

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