Steyn: Congressional Republicans ‘Sending a Dangerous Message’ Saying ‘Elections Don’t Matter’

Friday on Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Co.,” conservative commentator Mark Steyn opined on the “dysfunctional” state of the federal government.  By not taking action that reflected the sentiment of the voter, Steyn said congressional Republicans were sending a dangerous message.

He also pointed out how the judicial branch has taken on legislative roles with regards to immigration policy and the legislative branch has taken on roles the of the judicial with its numerous hearings on President Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia.

“[I]f it is a choice between Trump and the congressional GOP — I think the congressional GOP is sending a dangerous message here basically telling voters elections don’t matter and that no matter what you vote for nothing changes. I mean, just to be serious about this, Stuart, I think we have a dysfunctional system. We have a judicial branch that legislates and a legislative branch the spend more time on pseudo-court hearings. That’s to say, we have district court judges who presume to make immigration policy. And Congress, meanwhile, can’t legislate anything. But if the deputy under-assistant, under-assistant deputy director of the FBI hears that Trump once changed planes in Vladivostok, then Congress turns on a dime and schedule three days of hearings with the guy. They are not doing what they are meant to be doing.”

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