Limbaugh to Trump on Paris Climate Deal: ‘If You Don’t Take Us Out of This, There Is No Way You Can Make America Great Again’

Wednesday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh argued President Donald Trump should follow through with his pledge to remove the United States from the Paris Accord on so-called anthropogenic global warming.

According to Limbaugh, if Trump did not do so, he would not be able to “make America great again,” as he had promised on the campaign train in 2016.

“Mr. President, if you don’t take us out of this, there is no way you can make America great again,” Limbaugh said. “America cannot be great in the ways you define it and the ways you have targeted for rebirth and remaking.”

“You can’t do it if we’re signatories to this thing because we become the targets,” he continued. “We become the blame. We become the source of the problem. We must bear the burden, financial, economic, of supposedly addressing this nonexistent issue: Man-made planetary destruction. Don’t forget. It’s not even man-made climate change. What they’re trying to tell everybody is we’re destroying the planet, folks, and they sadly convinced a whole bunch of young people it’s actually in progress and happening. Just take us out! If you want to make America great again, you can’t do it with the United States maintaining its current position in the Paris Accords.”

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