Turley: James Comey ‘Damaged Goods’ — ‘Leaks Do Matter’

Thursday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley declared former FBI Director James Comey to be “damaged goods” for his self-admitted leak in testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee earlier in the day.

Turley warned that could be a problem for Comey if he ever took the stand as a witness.

“I think part of the problem Jeff [Toobin] and I have with each other, if you look at this from a criminal defense standpoint, you see plenty of possible defenses,” Turley said. “I think looking at that hearing, I thought Comey created himself a serious problem if he ever hits the stand as a witness, he’s damaged goods. First of all, the leak does matter. The FBI website has very specific rules how you can handle FBI documents. In my view, he violated all those rules. He may have even violated the federal law.

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