Hannity: ‘Tonight, I Know There’s a Kumbaya Moment for the Country — I’m Not Buying It’

Thursday during his opening monologue segment, Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity expressed his pessimism over the possibility that the events of the past two days — the shooting House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) and the coming-together moment from that tragedy at the congressional baseball game — would lead to unity in Washington, DC.

Hannity offered several examples of “left-wing Democrats” and “the destroy-Trump media” attacking President Donald Trump then added he wasn’t “buying” the “Kumbaya moment” for the country that some have claimed.

“[E]verything we have shown you — it’s less than one-tenth of one-one-thousandth million percent of the divisive, hateful rhetoric that is no the left in America,” Hannity said. “We can spend an entire week just playing tapes, just showing example after example. The problem we’re now facing is no one on the left has the courage, or very few, or the fortitude to speak out and stop the hatred. And that’s because Democrats use this kind of vile rhetoric every single election.”

“Every election, Republicans are what — they are racist, they’re sexist, they’re misogynistic,” he continued. “Let’s see, they want dirty air and water. They want to throw granny off the cliff. And that’s just part of their political playbook — Islamophobic, xenophobic, homophobic — it never ends. The left objectifies Republicans, especially conservatives into something we are not. And they know the truth, but yet they contribute to this atmosphere where Republicans, we’re not even human. If you are conservative like me, God-awful. How do you even speak on television or radio? Now tonight, I know there is a Kumbaya moment for the country. I’m not buying it.

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