Ukrainian President Likens ‘Charismatic’ Trump to Reagan Ending the Cold War ‘Without One Single Shot

Coming off of a meeting with President Donald Trump, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko made an appearance on Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report.”

During that appearance,  Poroshenko praised Trump as being charismatic and likened him to former President Ronald Reagan, who he credited ending the Cold War “without one single shot.”

“First of all, we really have two blocks of the conversation,” Poroshenko said to host Bret Baier. “First, that would be a great deal of peace. Today, exactly three years because on the 20th of June 2014, me, the newly elected president, [there] was declared a cease-fire and stopped the fire for the 10 days waiting until Russia will stop killing my soldiers and my civilians. Unfortunately, we don’t deliver any results, but we demonstrate the presence of peace. And I am absolutely confident that when President Trump, the real leader, the very charismatic person, can help me to bring peace to my land the same way like Reagan [brought] victory in the Cold War without one single shot.”

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