Podesta: Dems Should ‘Stick to the Substance’ – ‘No Point’ in Continuing to Go After Trump’s Personality

On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Situation Room,” former Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta urged Democrats to stick to substantive issues instead of going after President Trump’s personality.

Podesta said that while he thinks if Trump keeps engaging in behavior like his “Morning Joe” tweet, his approval rating will continue to fall, his advice to Democrats is “stick to what’s important, and that is, stopping the Senate healthcare bill that will knock 22 million people out of their health insurance, that will raise premiums, particularly for people who are nearing retirement. … Stick to the substance. Talk about the economy. Talk about what their plan is for job, and let him do what he’s going to do. I think the public knows what his personality is like at this point. There’s no point in reinforcing it or proving it.”

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