Dem Rep Bass: ‘Maybe a Commission’ Is Needed to Determine If Trump Mentally Fit for Office

Monday on CNN’s “Outfront,” Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) was asked if she agreed with her colleague Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) that an “independent commission” was needed to determine whether or not President Donald Trump was mentally fit for office.

Bass suggested she was open to the possibility and encouraged viewers to “Google” the term “narcissistic personality disorder” regarding Trump’s possible condition.

“I’m not aware of the commission, but I actually raised those questions more than a year ago in the middle of the campaign because — and I think it’s very frightening to say, but if any of the viewers want to Google ‘narcissistic personality disorder,’ I’m concerned about his fitness to be the president as well,” Bass said. “Maybe a commission is a way to get at it.”

She doubled down on assertion Trump’s mental condition warranted examination, but went on to say the focus should be put on ongoing investigations into Trump wrongdoing.

“You know that there are thousands of psychiatrists and psychologists that are raising concern,” she added. “I do think that our focus needs to be on the investigations that are going on. We need to get at the truth of whether or not the Russians were involved. But there are so many issues with this president — be it the conflict of interest, the emoluments, the fact that he essentially lies pathologically, and you know that. I mean, you just showed it by the clips that you did about whether or not he’s met Putin. You never know whether he is going to tell the truth. You don’t know what the truth is, and you don’t know if he knows what the truth is.”

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