Dem Rep Sherman: I Hope Articles of Impeachment ‘Radically Change’ How Trump Governs, GOP Might Join and Thank Me

On Friday’s broadcast of “MSNBC Live,” Representative Brad Sherman (D-CA), who introduced articles of impeachment against President Trump stated that he hopes the articles change how Trump governs and predicted that if Trump continues governing in an incompetent manner, Republicans will join in impeachment efforts and thank Sherman for getting

Sherman said that his immediate hope with the articles is “that people in the White House will finally sit down with the president and say, for a number of reasons, including the fact that articles of impeachment have already been filed, you’ve got to radically change how you’re governing the country. We’ve got to stop and control these impulses. We’ve got to make decisions in a careful manner. If they do that, then I may never get Republican support in any significant number of my Republican colleagues. But if this level of incompetence continues, if it’s one thing after another that shows that we’re not getting competent governance, then next year Republicans will not only be joining, but they’ll be saying they’re glad that you got the ball rolling as early as you did.”

Sherman later added that he’s “not trying to change national policy” with the impeachment articles, and acknowledged that Vice President Mike Pence would advocate for policies that Sherman disagrees with.

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