CNN’s Zakaria: ‘Mealy-Mouthed’ GOP Elites Went ‘Mute’ in Reaction to Trump, Charlottesville

While CNN “Fareed Zakaria GPS” host Fareed Zakaria praised the many who acted “swiftly and strongly” in reaction to President Donald Trump’s stance that “both sides” were to blame for the Charlottesville, VA protests, he slammed the GOP elites for remaining “mute.”

“[T]he delayed, qualified and often mealy-mouthed reaction of many in America’s leadership class tell a disturbing story about the country’s elites and the reason we are living in an age of populist rebellion,” Zakaria stated Sunday.

He continued, “Men and women who usually cannot stop pontificating on every topic on live TV, with some honorable exceptions, have suddenly gone mute on the biggest political subject of the day.”

Zakaria said these elites should stop worrying about their voter base and instead worry about their country, adding they should speak out “forcefully” against Trump.

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