GOP Rep Steve King: Government Shutdown Not Necessary to Build Border Wall

Wednesday on CNN’s “OutFront,” Rep. Steve King (R-IA) said he did not see a government shutdown being necessary for Congress to pass funding for President Donald Trump’s border wall.

King made his remarks in reference to Trump’s speech a night earlier in Phoenix, which Trump vowed to seek funding for the wall, even if it meant forcing a government shutdown.

“[P]aul Ryan and I had this discussion back in January, and the discussion was about the president needs — we need to provide the president the resources he needs to secure the border,” King said. “That said to me resources to build the wall as well as to enforce the law. And when the president says he will deal with the government shut down if necessary, I don’t think it will be necessary. And I think that’s what Paul Ryan is saying — it won’t be necessary. We’ll get those resources to the president’s desk. But if the Democrats are able to obstruct this and find a way to shut the government down over it and I’m not sure they can do that, but if they can do that, the public won’t tolerate a government shutdown over denying a mandate from the American people that was delivered with the election of Donald Trump. So, we need to follow through with this. I think Republicans will come in line and I don’t know that Democrats will. But historically, they have voted also for building a fence, a wall and a fence on the southern border.

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