Scarborough: Trump Is ‘Using Stalinist Terms’ in Reference to the Media

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host Joe Scarborough stated President Trump is using Stalinist terminology in reference to the media and that Trump used to kiss up to the press in New York constantly.

Scarborough said, “[H]e is so obsessed with the media. He is so — you know, he’s more obsessed with the media than the media’s obsessed with himself. And it’s — this is a guy who’s using Stalinist terms, calling the media ‘enemy of the people.’ Last night, saying the media didn’t love their country. This is a guy that sucked up to the New York press corps, to tabloids, New York Times reporters for over four decades. … He was obsessed with it, and he played them nonstop and wallowed and would lick their feet if that’s what was required to get a good headline. And now, suddenly, he doesn’t like the media. It’s his only prism.”

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