Texas Congressman Babin: ‘I Am Absolutely Trapped in My House’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “CNN Newsroom,” Representative Brian Babin (R-TX) reported that flooding has trapped him in his Woodville, TX home with his family.

Babin said, “I’m in the middle of Tyler County, TX, in our county seat of Woodville. And I am absolutely trapped in my house. I don’t have a way to get out until we have flood waters recede here.”

He added, “I am in my home in Tyler County, and we could not get out unless a helicopter plucks me out of here, or I get my boat and launch it. So — but we’re fine. This — these waters are going to recede, hopefully, some time this evening. And we’re doing well.” He further stated that he’s not worried about his safety and is worried about others who might be in danger.

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