Whitlock: If Aaron Rodgers Supported Kaepernick, He’d Get the Packers to Sign Him

Wednesday, Fox Sports 1 “Speak for Yourself” co-host Jason Whitlock reacted to Green Bay Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers supporting Colin Kaepernick’s protest and saying he should be signed to a team.

Whitlock questioned Rodgers’ honesty about Kaepernick, saying if he truly felt he should be on a roster, Rodgers would use his “power” in Green Bay to get him signed as his backup.

“I just happen to believe, perhaps wrongly, that Dak [Prescott] was honest, and Aaron Rodgers said what he had to say,” Whitlock said. “Because if Aaron Rodgers was really down for the cause, you know what, he’s got a lot of power in Green Bay. ‘You know what, Kaepernick should be my backup quarterback. Kaepernick should be on our roster.'”

“Nah. That’s not going to [happen],” former Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings interrupted.

“Clearly it’s not going to happen because it ain’t what he believes,” Whitlock responded.

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