ESPN’s Charles Woodson Refuses to Use the Word ‘Owner’ When Discussing Texans’ Bob McNair

Sunday on ESPN, former NFL star Charles Woodson weighed in on the Houston Texans players’ plan to kneel for the National Anthem to protest team owner Bob McNair misusing the expression “inmates running the asylum” when referencing players at a recent NFL meeting by saying “inmates running the prison.”

Woodson started to refer to McNair as the owner, but caught himself and said he did not want to “use that word.” Instead, Woodson called him the CEO of the team.

“[T]o say, ‘Man, if that’s my owner’ — you know, I don’t want to use that word. He’s the CEO of the team, you know? What I would actually do in that instance, because — that’s the easy way out for me to do it now, here. So, with that being said, as a leader of the team, I guess my thoughts would be is that we’re all going to play the game.”

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