Ingraham: We Should Not Lose One More American Life Because Politicians Won’t Do What’s Necessary to Secure the Homeland

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle,” host Laura Ingraham responded to the apparent terrorist attack in New York City earlier in the day by making a plea for elected officials to keep the country safe.

Ingraham attributed President Donald Trump’s election win a year ago to his “no-nonsense pragmatism” in this area and called on others in public office to follow suit.

“President Trump was elected in part, in large part, because voters appreciated his no-nonsense pragmatism on issues like homeland security and immigration. Although we can’t stop all terror attacks in the United States, the safety of the American people demand that we do what we can to stop those attacks that are preventable. 9/11 should have made it obvious to everyone that Islam has a hideous radicalization problem. Donald Trump put the onus on Muslim leaders first foreign trip to put their houses in order and reform from within. Here at home, we should not lose one more American life because politicians don’t have the nerve or the will to do what’s necessary to secure the homeland. Our safety is their primary responsibility.

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