Nicolle Wallace: Steve Bannon Is an ‘Incompetent Boob’

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” guest host Nicolle Wallace, said former White House chief strategist and Breitbart executive  chairman Steve Bannon was an “incompetent boob.”

Jeremy Peters, reporter for The New York Times, said, “Steve is, as you know, a creature of the media almost more than he a creature of politics. So he understands the importance not just of getting his message out on avenues like Breitbart but in coming to the The New York Times, in talking to Charlie Rose on ‘60 Minutes.’ So, as much as he rails against the political establishment, it is important for him to be treated as legitimate by the political establishment, because he is doing is trying to build a political movement whose ultimate goal is trying to rip apart the Republican Party and displace leadership at the top.”

He added, “He is a destroyer, disrupter He is not someone who works inside institutions, he tears them down.”

Wallace asked, “Does he view any of these things as his personal failings? Does he take responsibility for Roy Moore, his hand-picked candidate?”

Bloomberg’s John Heilemann said, “He is like a free-style nihilist out there on the landscape right now. But one that poses a significant problem for the Republican Party. He also says to Jeremy that he is predicting Mitch McConnell will be gone, not majority leader, and that he is — kind of on this personal mission. How does the Republican party deal with this guy and the fact that he remains close to Donald Trump?”

MSNBC regular Ana Marie Cox responded, “I think the Republican Party is in trouble. We can talk about this all day. The operative word you used is nihilist. You can’t deal with somebody who doesn’t care about hostages. He has no investment in any of this. Also the problem with dealing with Trump is that Trump has no interest behind, besides his own immediate, like, personal enrichment or personality, ego enrichment. I think Bannon is similar in that he just wants to burn it all down. some people just want to watch the world burn.”

Wallace added, “I think it’s not because he’s sinister, Eli said it yesterday, he’s an incompetent boob . He is not good at this.”

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