CNN’s Stelter: Trump’s Tweet About Lavar Ball ‘Immature at Best,’ ‘Race-Baiting at Worst’

Sunday on “CNN Newsroom,” Brian Stelter reacted to President Donald Trump calling out LaVar Ball, outspoken father of UCLA Basketball’s LiAngelo Ball, for not crediting the president for getting his son released by the Chinese after a shoplifting charge.

Stelter recalled how Trump claimed he would be more restrained on Twitter once elected president, then accused him of either “race-baiting” or being “immature.”

“If this is restrained, I can’t imagine what it would look like if he were to be unrestrained,” Stelter told host Fredricka Whitfield. “I mean, think about this. He’s just recently let the NFL kneeling controversy start to subside, start to fade away, and now here he is calling out these players and the families again. I think it’s immature at best, Fred, but it’s really race-baiting at worst. That’s going to be debated, that’s going be argued about, but I want to put that on the table. It sure looks like race-baiting to a lot of people.”

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