Gutfeld: I Hope Moore Loses – The Long-Term Damage of Him Winning Is ‘Much Worse’ Than Him Losing

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” FNC host Greg Gutfeld stated he hopes Alabama Republican Senate nominee Judge Roy Moore loses the election.

Gutfeld said, “I hate team sport politics, and right now, this is team sport politics. The argument is Moore is bad, but Team Democrat is worse.”

He added, “It doesn’t always have to be a team sport. Just because Trump is all in, doesn’t mean you have to be too. He’ll understand. Because I know he didn’t want to do this. He endorsed Strange. So, he knew this guy was a problem. And his daughter — I’m with — I’m on team Ivanka on this thing, and I’m sure he still loves his daughter. So, I think it’s okay to say, even though Trump is endorsing this guy, it’s because he has to because it’s his team.”

Gutfeld concluded, “And I have to say, I hope the guy loses. And if you’re upset that I say that, that’s not on me. That’s on a team sport ideology that’s pernicious. Because the long-term consequences of a Moore is much worse than the initial loss that you will experience tomorrow. Trust me.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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