Charles Barkley: ‘Roy Moore Does Not Need to Represent the State of Alabama’

NBA Hall of Fame’s Charles Barkley appeared on “CNN Tonight” with Don Lemon Monday to discuss Alabama’s special U.S. Senate election.

Barkley said he “feels bad” for the residents of Alabama, adding whether conservative or liberal, “Roy Moore does not need to represent the state of Alabama” because he has been an embarrassment.

“This has nothing to do with politics,” Barkley told Lemon. “I tell people, they throw these words around, these talk shows have gotten so out of hand, they’re right-wing, or they lean to the left, I hate both of those terminologies.  Whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican, a liberal, or a conservative, listen, Roy Moore does not need to represent the state of Alabama. He does not need to represent our state.”

He continued, “Doug Jones has never embarrassed us the way Roy Moore has.  And think about it, other than talking about religion and Ten Commandments and things like that, Judge Moore hasn’t done anything for Alabama.  He became well known just because of the Ten Commandments thing. He’s never accomplished anything other than that, and being controversial catering to his base.”

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