Dem Rep Yarmuth: Corporations Are Giving Bonuses Because They’re ‘Sucking Up to the Administration’

In a Saturday appearance on MSNBC, Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) said big corporations like Comcast, Boeing, Wells Fargo, AT&T and others announcing wage increases, bonuses and investments following the Republicans passage of tax reform were “sucking up” to the Trump administration.

“AT&T, while it’s nice that they gave all their employees a $1,000 bonus, also laid off 600 people this week. You’re getting a mixed message,” said Yarmuth. “It’s clear what they were trying to do. AT&T has a merger they want approved, same with Comcast, Wells Fargo has a number of regulatory issues with the government, Boeing did the same thing. Boeing wants to sell their planes to Iran — that’s problematic right now. It’s clear that they were sucking up to the administration.”

“[T]he proof will be, as the year goes on, which companies actually do make investments, actually do hire more people, actually do increase salaries. I hope they do increase salaries,” he continued.

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