RSC Chair Walker: Rhetoric of ‘The Steve Bannons of the World’ Is ‘Not Who We Are’ – Have to Call Out ‘Certain Language’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day,” Republican Study Committee Chair Representative Mark Walker (R-NC) stated that “the Steve Bannons of the world, those — that kind of language and rhetoric, that’s not who we are.” And that Republicans have to be willing to call out inappropriate rhetoric

Walker said, “I don’t think the bulk of Republicans are represented by Senator Jeff Flake. However, as a former pastor, I don’t shy away from…believing that tone matters. I have the great privilege of representing the largest historical black college university in the country, North Carolina A&T, who just won their national championship, I might add. That’s important to me. In fact, in two weeks, Cedric Richmond, the Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus and I are partnering together to write an op-ed on criminal justice reform, and hopefully [legislation] that comes behind that. We have to be consistent. Our tone in impacting different the cultures and communities has to be one of heartfelt, not one of judgment. And I believe that’s where Republicans have to continue to move forward.”

When asked how, as a Southern Baptist minister, he reconciles his faith with President Trump, Walker responded that social conservatives had “legitimate” grievances with President Obama.

He continued, “Now, that doesn’t give anybody a pass, whether it’s President Trump, or anyone else. But that is something that I hope that we’ll continue to see growth there, when it comes to dealing with people, not just in our base. You know, I probably shouldn’t say this on CNN, or even out loud, but I will tell you this, the Steve Bannons of the world, those — that kind of language and rhetoric, that’s not who we are. But Republicans have to be willing to call out when there’s certain language used that’s — with undertones to our friends and neighbors of all the communities that we serve. We have to have the boldness to be willing say, ‘You know what, that’s not right. That’s not the way that we would share what it is that we believe.’ And I think ultimately, when you do that, when you have the right heart, I think people appreciate that.”

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