Rand Paul on Shutdown: ‘The Blame Game Is Ridiculous on Both Sides’

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) discussed the government shutdown and said he thought “the blame game” from both parties was “ridiculous.”

Paul said, “Republicans and Democrats and everybody trying to say you don’t want to fund the military. Everybody wants to fund the military. Nobody wants our soldiers not to be paid, but when both sides do it, I think the American people see through it. It’s gamesmanship & partisanship.”

He added, “I gave them the answer on how you solve this today, promise guarantee in writing to the Democrats that there will be one week’s debate on immigration and a vote on an immigration bill sometime in the next month. In the House and the Senate. When I presented this to those in the Senate, Senator Durbin, they were like ‘Oh, no we want guarantee passage.’ Nobody gets a guaranteed passage. What about a guaranteed week, open amendments. I got to present amendments. Everybody does which rarely ever happens. Do the same thing on the House side.”

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