John Kirby: Trump Davos Speech Took ‘Almost Mean Outlook’ on Immigration – We Bring People in ‘to Help Them Succeed’

On Friday’s “CNN Newsroom,” CNN Military and Diplomatic Analyst and former State Department Spokesperson and Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby (Ret.) argued President Trump’s Davos speech had “a very small, I think, almost mean outlook,” on immigration.

Kirby said, “I think he missed some opportunities here. The whole idea of the World Economic Forum is to talk about integration of economy and global cooperation, cooperative efforts, and he didn’t really get there. In the security part of his speech, he talked a little bit about building partnerships, but he wasn’t — there wasn’t any meat there to it. And then on immigration, he had a very small, I think, almost mean outlook, you know, that we’re only going to take people who can support us and who can succeed, when the whole idea of American immigration, at least in my view, is that we’re going to take people to help them succeed, not to bring them in to help us succeed.”

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