FNC’s Wallace on SOTU: Trump Does ‘Well’ in Big Speeches — Warns ‘He Steps on His Own Story’ the Day Afterwards

Tuesday on Fox News, network anchor Chris Wallace said while he believes President Donald Trump will “do very well” in his first State of the Union address he warned often “he steps on his own story and gets into a controversy” in the following days.

Wallace said, “Well look I don’t have any doubt the president is going to do very do well tonight. He does well in these big speeches. He did well last year — it wasn’t officially a State of the Union, but it was a speech to a joint session of Congress. A lot of people, include me, though it was terrific.”

He continued, “But oftentimes he steps on his own story and gets into a controversy. He reacted badly last year when Jeff Sessions recused himself, and a lot of the momentum from the speech disappeared. So to me, it’s less a question of how he does tonight as how he does tomorrow and Thursday and can he continue the momentum?”

He added, “So he can deliver what he says is a unifying message, whether it will unify Republicans and Democrats to be able to get a deal is very much to be determined.”

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