FNC’s Wallace: Parts of Memo ‘Damaging to the FBI’ But Doesn’t Necessarily Make Trump Investigation Illegitimate

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered Overtime,” FNC anchor Chris Wallace stated that the House GOP Intel Committee memo has parts “that are damaging to the FBI and to the Trump investigation, raise questions about it” but that the investigation into the president can still be legitimate.

Wallace said, “I think there are some parts of it that are damaging to the FBI and to the Trump investigation, raise questions about it. And there are some aspects of it that are striking to me, in terms of what it leaves out, what it omits. One other point that I think is important to make right at the start, is that you heard from Adam Schiff and some of the Congressional Democrats how damaging this memo was to national security, that basically, it gave up sources and methods. There’s none of that in here.”

He later added, “Certainly, the use of the dossier seems to have been improper. But we don’t know how big a role that played in the FISA warrant. … [T]he idea that the only evidence in the FISA warrant was the dossier seems highly unlikely. There’s another point I think is being overlooked here. Carter Page was not just some innocent babe in the woods who was being attacked by FBI. In 2013, this hasn’t been mentioned at all, in 2013, Russian intelligence agents tried to recruit Carter Page as an agent for the Russians in this country. In 2014, Carter Page — this was years before Donald Trump ran for president, Carter Page was the subject of a separate FISA warrant.”

Wallace further stated, “You know, two things can be true at the same time, that there’s a legitimate investigation of the president and that the FISA warrant on Carter Page was improperly obtained. Remember, the Trump investigation didn’t start with the Carter Page warrant in October of 2016. It started after George Papadopoulos, who was another foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump, had talked to an Australian ambassador — a diplomat, and that started in July of 2016, months before the Carter Page warrant was ever obtained.”

Wallace also said the memo “seems very narrowly written to make the worst case on one specific thing. It may well be completely accurate.”

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