FNC’s Wallace: ‘Game of Thrones Has Nothing on This White House’

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” ”Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace compared the Trump administration to HBO’s drama about dueling kingdoms, “Game of Thrones.”

Wallace said, “It doesn’t just happen that he is a demoted because of his security clearance, a front-page story, in The Washington Post, that other countries, according to intelligence officials have been discussing how they can manipulate Jared Kushner and then another front-page story I think in The New York Times about how after he meets with the various business leaders, several of them have given huge multimillion dollar loans to the Kushner company. These are all planned leaks, and they are all in an effort to diminish Jared Kushner’s role.”

He continued, “Who is coming from? Why are they coming? There was interesting speculation, kind of soft reporting in The New York Times today, that to the president on the one hand is saying to Kushner and Ivanka his daughter —remember Kushner is his son in law — ‘I want you there, it is very unfair.’ But The Times says that he is separately telling John Kelly the chief of staff, ‘can you help me push them out?’ So Game of Thrones has nothing on this White House and this administration right now.”

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