Sam Nunberg: ‘I Would Highly Suggest’ Trump Does Mueller Interview

Sunday on MSNBC’s “Live With Alex Witt,” former Trump aide Sam Nunberg said he would “highly suggest” President Donald Trump accepts to have an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller.

Nunberg said, “I don’t believe it leads to the president. The president is going to have to explain, and the president has to do an interview, I would say. I would highly suggest that he does.”

He continued, “He has to explain why when they fired James Comey. If it was up to me, the president would have fired James Comey the day after he was elected during the transition — but he has to explain why when he based the logic on the Rosenstein memo and then the next day gives an interview to Lester Holt saying it had to do with Russia. Okay, fine, maybe then we don’t have a special counsel. But then he has the Russians in the Oval Office, and by the way, who the hell in that White House let that happen? He was so ill-served by his staff. It was unbelievable. Therefore, I don’t think Rosenstein had any choice but to put that special counsel.”

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