Conservative ESPN Radio Host Will Cain: Media Wants to Silence My Voice to Control What My Listeners Hear

Monday on ESPN Radio’s “The Will Cain Show,” host Will Cain discussed people in sports media, as well as media in general, attempting to silence dissenting voices.

Cain was hammered by Deadspin and Outsports for not speaking out against a team in the NFL asking running back prospect Derrius Guice if he liked men.

The conservative host, an anomaly at ESPN, explained that media members want to silence his dissenting voice to control what his listeners hear.

“You know, this entire industry, and its not just this industry, it’s most people in media, come from one point of view. One. And I am making you a promise on that one. And there is one of me, and they can’t stand that there is one dissenting voice. They can only indict my motives. They can only indict my intelligence, and that’s fine if you can prove it. They can only call me names. That’s all they can do,” said Cain.

“This show has been on the air for two months — whether or not my colleagues like me, I can’t speak to that,” he continued. “The ratings for this show, in one month, are up. You can talk about whatever you want — the ratings are up. Now, that’s not to say I’m attention seeking. What it is is a warning they are not after me, they are after you. You who are listening. They want to be able to control the voices you hear. You are not allowed to hear one like this.”

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