Hillary: ‘I Worry’ Trump Has Harmed America’s World Leadership — ‘Our Word Is No Longer Trusted’

Thursday at Rutgers University, former secretary of state and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said she was concerned President Donald Trump had caused a “loss of leadership and leverage” in global politics.

The reason: She is concerned American’s word “is no longer trusted.”

When asked what her concerns about our “democratic stability” in the era of Trump were, Clinton replied, “I worry about the degradation of institutions, the dismissing of norms and values, because remember, a democracy is fundamentally held together by trust.”

She continued, “I would like to get back to where Republicans and Democrats argue about all the policies that separate us and try to figure out the best path forward. But right now I’m more worried about whether our Constitution is going to be honored, whether we will see the rule of law protected, whether we will have the predictably and stability we need in foreign affairs. As former secretary of state, I am deeply worried about the loss of leadership and leverage that the United States is currently experiencing. ”

She added, “We have some real problems that we need to be addressing and that requires us bringing our friends and allies together, not alienating them and walking away from them. I am worried that our word is no longer trusted and that the prospects for the kind of peace and prosperity and progress that we have spent decades building up since World War II are dimming, so there is a lot to be concerned about. And I understand that for enough Americans, the prospect of an unpredictable reality TV campaign was too good to turn off. But now we’ve seen it, and we have seen it for more than a year. And I think many Americans are beginning to ask questions about what to expect and how this is going to turn out.”

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