Joe Lieberman: Obama’s Inaction in Syria a ‘Big Mistake’

Monday during an interview on the Fox News Channel, former Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) said President Barack Obama’s inaction against Syria after drawing a red line on chemical weapons was a “big mistake.”

Discussing Syria’s chemical gas attack on civilians over the weekend, Lieberman said, “I think one of the big mistakes President Obama made was drawing that red line, saying if Assad uses gas he will respond. He used gas, and we didn’t do anything. And that just invited a lot of the troubles that have happened since then.”

He continued, “The world pulled back, including the U.S. under President Obama, let this country go wild, Assad could do whatever he wanted. Iran was already in there, increased its presence. They have tens of thousands there, and then Russia saw an opening and moved in. Assad now thinks he can do whatever he wants to his people, including breaking that line of civil behavior and using gas.”

He added, “We should hit their military, maybe we should do what we said we talked about a long time ago, which is to ground their air force.”

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