Nate Boyer: Fallen Soldiers Didn’t Die for Patriotism or Anthem — They Died for Fellow Countrymen

Monday on CNN’s “New Day,” former Green Beret Nate Boyer reflected on Memorial Day and what it means, saying fallen soldiers did not die for patriotism or the Constitution or even the American flag, but rather their fellow countrymen.

“My message is more to the American people than to just the men and women who paid that ultimate sacrifice,” Boyer, a former NFL player, said. “I’ll say this: What most of them died for is not the right to protest, it’s not for patriotism, it’s not for the Constitution or the American flag or the National Anthem or any of that. What they died for is the man on their left and right. And if we can’t live for the man on our left and right back here at home, respectfully, despite our differences, then what in the hell did they die for?”

Boyer is responsible for free agent and activist Colin Kaepernick’s protest changing from simply sitting during the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner” to taking a knee.

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