San Juan Mayor: Trump Administration Violating Puerto Ricans’ ‘Human Rights’

Sunday on MSNBC’s “Kasie DC,” San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz said the Trump administration had “looked away from its legal imperative” and violated the human rights of the people of Puerto Rico.

She claimed it was doing so by not providing “access to basic human services—like electric power, like water, like food” in the aftermath of last year’s Hurricane Maria.

Cruz said, “This has nothing to do with citizenship. This has to do with being humans. There’s a moral imperative and a legal imperative. It is clear the Trump administration has looked away from its legal imperative. But where the government has failed, the American people have risen to the occasion. We have continued to have volunteers come in.”

She continued, “Look, President Trump tweets about the crack of dawn and he hasn’t even tweeted one time to say look, I  mourn with the people of Puerto Rico. So this total neglect has to be called upon. The United Nations says that when people are denied their right to access to basic human services—like electric power, like water, like food, like appropriate medical care—that it is a violation of human rights.”

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