Trudeau: Canada Is ‘Not Going to Be Pushed Around’

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in trade negotiations or world conflicts, Canada will not be “pushed around.”

Trudeau said, “People recognize that Canadians, when we show up either as troops on the ground in a peacekeeping mission or as aid workers or as bureaucrats trying to rebuild an economy, Canadians are there to help. We are thoughtful. We are engaged, and we are polite, and we are welcoming, but we are also firm about our values and we fought like lions in the beaches of World War II and in the trenches in World War I. We’ll step up when we need to, and we will be polite. And we also are not going to be pushed around, and we need to be firm about projecting our values and protecting not just our citizens, but citizens around the world in positive ways is what I consider the responsibility we have as Canadians and what I’ll do as leader.”

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