ABC’s Stephanopoulos on Trump-Putin Presser: We Are Watching a Moment of History, ‘May Not Be for the Right Reasons’

Monday during ABC News’ special coverage of President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s press conference in Helsinki, network anchor George Stephanopoulos said the audience had just seen a “moment of history, ” but with the caveat that “it may not be for the right reasons.”

Stephanopoulos said, “President Trump, Vladimir Putin shaking hands again after a press conference it is hard to find words to describe. All of you who are watching today will be able to tell your friends, family, your children, your grandchildren you were watching a moment of history. It may not be for the right reasons. Started out more normal enough, both presidents said they had constructive talks it got off on a good foot. Addressed the challenges they were meeting together. President Putin called it frank, fruitful, President Trump, constructive. Then the big question on the table, Russian interference in the United States election back in 2016. President Putin addressed it first. He called it ‘so called interference,’ repeated the denials he’s given many, many times, suggested perhaps a joint U.S.-Russia commission could look into it.”

He continued, “President Trump given chance to address it, said he did address it directly with the president. Said that President Trump told him he feels very strongly about it and has an interesting idea to address it. Perhaps referring to the idea of a joint commission to look into this matter. He did not condemn Russia’s interference on the election publicly. When he was asked directly, refused to condemn it again. Had much harsher words for the Robert Mueller probe, calling it ridiculous. a disaster for the United States. The president was asked directly for a second time, who to you believe, our intelligence agencies or Vladimir Putin, all he said is ‘all I can do is ask the question.'”

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