Jeanine Pirro on Whoopi Goldberg Dust-up: ‘This Isn’t About Me,’ ‘A Microcosm of What’s Going on in the Country’

Saturday during her “Opening Statement” segment, Fox News Channel’s “Justice” host Jeanine Pirro addressed her controversial appearance earlier in the week on ABC’s “The View” that resulted in a tense exchange between her and “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg.

Pirro said it wasn’t about her and pledged to be willing to go on “The View” again.

“[I]n the end, this isn’t about me. And nobody needs to feel sorry for me, I’m a big girl, and I would go back on ‘The View’ again,” Pirro said. “No one intimidates me.”

Later in the show, Pirro addressed Goldberg directly but said she wanted to move on and urged viewers to do so as well.

However, Pirro argued “The View” controversy was indicative of a larger issue in the country.

“As I said, this isn’t about me,” she continued. “There is a bigger issue of that play here. ‘The View’ is a microcosm of what’s going on in the country. The level of hatred toward the 45th president of the United States is beyond anything we have seen in American history. He was once an icon sought after for movies, television, by politicians on both sides of the aisle, sports figures and yes, even the media. Then he ran for president. Now Donald Trump is the target of vitriol so palpable it’s simply frightening. And reason has become irrelevant. We can’t have conversations anymore. And the ripple its national in scope. Family, friend, acquaintances can’t even talk to each other. They remove each other from Facebook and change dinner and family gathering plans for the holidays depending on their politics. It’s almost impossible to have a rational discussion that doesn’t turn into a food fight. And for some, it’s now even fashionable to threaten the president of the United States.

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