Susan Rice: ‘Legitimate Question’ If Trump Is Compromised by Russia

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” former UN ambassador under Obama Susan Rice said it was a “legitimate question” if President Donald Trump was compromised by Russia.

When asked if Trump is compromised by Russia, Rice said, “I don’t know what his motivations are. I think that’s a legitimate question, and it has been reinforced not only by the series of policy steps that I just mentioned that he is he has taken that have served Russian interest as opposed to U.S. interest, but it was reinforced sadly this week by that tragic display of sycophancy in Helsinki where the president called into question yet again, standing next to Vladimir Putin, a dictator, the integrity of our intelligence community. He offered or seemed to be willing to consider an offer to hand over our ambassador to Russia, former Ambassador Micheal McFaul, and others to the Russians for questioning. It was a series of extraordinary capitulation that really do legitimately call into question what is going on.”

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