Heilemann: ‘Blue Wave Feels Stronger Now Than It Did 30 Days Ago’

Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” NBC News national affairs analyst John Heilemann said there was confidence among Democrats they can take back the House, adding “the blue wave feels stronger now than it did 30 days ago.”

“I think if you looked over the course of this year, people broadly think Democrats are likely to retake control of the House,” Heilemann stated. “Still kind of a coin toss in the Senate. About a month ago, you heard Republicans getting sort of this surge about optimism that maybe they could hold on, that the economic news and some other things and Trump not having created, at least by his standards, too much chaos for them, that things were kind of swinging back in Republican’s direction, and then Helsinki happened, the separations of families on the borders happened, other things that blotted out all the kinds of things that Republicans want to talk about, they all came to a forefront.”

He continued, “[N]ow today, Democrats [are] incredibly confident and optimistic and Republicans privately back to pessimism and thinking the House is probably gone and we maybe can hold on to the Senate. But the blue wave feels stronger now than it did 30 days ago.”

(h/t Grabien)

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