Mark Steyn: Illegal Immigrants with Anchor Babies ‘Living a Dream’ in America

Monday, conservative commentator Mark Steyn went on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to discuss illegal immigration after host Tucker Carlson highlighted the story of illegal alien Joel Arrona Lara, who was arrested by ICE as he and his wife rushed to the hospital to have a baby for being wanted in Mexico on homicide charges.

“I’m willing to rent you a pregnant illegal alien to sit in the passenger seat as you drive around Washington, D.C.,” Steyn joked to Carlson.

Steyn then noted how the couple has been in the United States illegally for 12 years and have had five anchor babies.

He stated, “[T]his is California’s future — actually a snapshot of where this insane sentimentalization of public policy has got us.”

“When they say she’s living a nightmare, she’s living a dream,” Steyn added. “She’s been here for 12 years, had five children at public expense, that your viewers — assuming for the sake of argument that there are any legitimate U.S. citizens and lawful residents remaining in the country — that your viewers have paid for. So that’s the nightmare she is living. She’s had five children at public expense, married to an illegal husband who apparently works for a company that makes bouncy castles for children’s parties, and actually, the only people who need bouncy castles for children’s parties are families like this one, which have had five anchor babies.”

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