Huckabee on In-N-Out Backlash for Donating to GOP: If You Don’t Agree with Dems ‘They Want to Put You Out of Business’

Former Arkansas Governor and former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee sounded off on the backlash In-N-Out Burger chain received following donations made to the California Republican Party.

Huckabee called it “stupid” and “un-American” for the left to call on people to boycott In-N-Out over party donations.

“That’s the difference … between Democrats and Republicans. If you don’t agree with [Democrats] they don’t want to just beat you in the election, they want to put you out of business,” said Huckabee on Fox Business Network last week.

He added, “I hope that line [at In-N-Out] quadruples in response to this stupid and, frankly, un-American approach to In-N-Out Burger’s decision to give a paltry contribution.”

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