Markey: GOP Base Not as ‘Galvanized’ as Those ‘Outraged’ at How Ford Was Treated


Tuesday on CNN’s “Wolf,” Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) said the confirmation of  Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh will be “the single most powerful animating force,” to especially woman voters in the upcoming midterm elections.

On the Republican base, Markey said, “It’s not as galvanized as the Democratic base. It’s not as galvanized as those who were outraged at the way in which Dr. Blasey Ford was treated before the Senate Judiciary Committee and the entire process for the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. What we are seeing here is a historic uprising, especially of women in our country who really do feel that this president has to have a check be placed upon him. Otherwise preexisting conditions, which are protections for those who have health care needs, or the entire Affordable Care Act or Roe vs. Wade can all just be swept away. It can be completely overturned by Brett Kavanaugh’s vote on the Supreme Court. This is going to be a referendum on Donald Trump, on Brett Kavanaugh, on the key votes, which he can now cast, that undermines protections for women in our country and families in general.”

He added, “Donald Trump is, I think, in a small minority of people who think Dr. Blasey Ford’s accusations were a hoax. I think she was highly credible. I think across this country, people know that she was sincere. She was absolutely fearless in coming forward even though there would be huge negative consequences for her personally. I think the real hoax now that is attempting to be perpetrated is by Donald Trump that will contend there was nothing to any of these accusations made about Brett Kavanaugh. I think the American people know who watched that process very closely over a two-week period know that is not the case. He doesn’t have the temperament or the credibility to serve on the Supreme Court, and that will be the single most powerful animating force for the next 28 days across this country. There is an uprising of people who will get to the polls. We lost when we should not have lost, and there is nothing more motivating than that in politics.”

(h/t Grabien)

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