Nolte — Hate VIDEO: Establishment Media Smear Trump as ‘Nazi,’ ‘Virus,’ ‘Unfit to Be Human’

The video below, compiled by the Media Research Center, is not a compilation gathered from the darkest recesses of the Internet, is not cherry-picked from some obscure left-wing YouTube show… This is the establishment media, this is CNN, this is NBC News, this is the Washington Post, this is the New York Times, this is ABC News, and this is CBS attacking President Trump and his supporters as “Nazis,” “white supremacists,” a “virus,” and “unfit to be human.”

Here is a rundown of the clips:

  • NBC News’s Andrea Mitchell compares Trump to Stalin, says he is undermining democracy.
  • MSNBC panelist attacks Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and White House Senior Adviser Stephen Miller as “white supremacists” and attacks Trump supporters as “white nationalists.”
  • The Washington Post’s Max Boot praises Iran’s leadership as more “stable and rational” than Trump.
  • MSNBC Morning Joe panelist attacks Trump as a “virus.”
  • CNN anchor tells viewers Trump “sided with” America’s “enemies” in a “betrayal the likes of which we’ve never seen.”
  • CNN panelist calls Trump a “racist” three times in five seconds.
  • MSNBC staffer says Trump is “deeply un-American,” compares him to Hitler.
  • MSNBC Morning Joe anchor compares Trump to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.
  • MSNBC Morning Joe staffer says all Trump supporters are “like Nazis,” declares Trump “evil.”
  • MSNBC panelist calls the Trump administration “terrorists” who are part of a “white nationalist government” that “puts guns to the heads” of children.
  • NBC News staffer compares Trump’s immigration policy (which is no different from Obama’s) to a “concentration camp.”
  • MSNBC Morning Joe anchor charges that Trump’s immigration policy (which is no different from Obama’s) is “just like the Nazis.”
  • On ABC News’s The View Trump is attacked as a “bigot.”
  • MSNBC Morning Joe Anchor compares Trump to “Mussolini.”
  • MSNBC Morning Joe anchor says Trump “channels Joseph Stalin.”
  • MSNBC panelist says the Republican Party is the “the Party of the KKK.” (The KKK was founded by Democrats.)
  • New York Times columnist attacks Trump as a “disturbed person.”
  • Morning Joe anchor says sources told him Trump is “mentally unfit” and has “dementia.”
  • MSNBC panelist says “Trump isn’t just a white supremacist; he’s a flat-out, full racist.”
  • CNN staffer says Trump is “unfit to be human.”
  • CBS late night host calls Trump’s mouth “Putin’s cockholster.”

During October, there were seven violent attacks on GOP centers; nine assaults and attempted assaults against Trump supporters; an assassination attempt against Trump; an assassination attempt against a Republican senator; the New York Times published fantasies about Trump being assassinated, and there were a dozen recorded rape and death threats aimed at Trump, his supporters, and even their children.

On top of that, all in one month, three high-ranking Democrats have called for violence and incivility, and CNN said left-wing mobs have the “constitutional right” to chase Republican out of public spaces.

During the Trump era, there have been more than 630 recorded acts of assassination attempts, mob violence, harassment, vandalism, menacing, and the establishment media justifying and encouraging more — all of it aimed at Trump and his supporters.

The hatred and fomenting of violence coming from the media only grew more intense during the last week as Trump was repeatedly blamed for an appalling crime committed by someone who hates him (specifically because of Trump’s support for Jews); the media compared Trump and his supporters to ISIS, and the media openly declared “white men” a threat to America and asked “what are we going to do about” them.

And then, after all of this, after smearing us as “Nazis” and “racists” and “terrorists” and “white supremacists” and “unfit to be human,” the media say they are not our “enemy” and then demand we soul search about the division we are sowing in the country.

Thankfully, nearly two-thirds of the public is not falling for it.

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